Welcome to Before Buy Blog. My hobby is collecting data about something. In this blog I collect data about price, that I rewrite and publish into pdf file as your guide before buying something.

This free pricelist and information about "thing" or "stuff" or "gadget" or "machine that will help you" that I collect and publish. You can download it and distributed the pdf file as you wish, without any change you made.

For example, you will find a page about laminating machine here. That page contain description about laminating machine, maybe a few additional information about laminator, and you will find a link for download pricelist of laminating machine. This link will be update monthly, if the change of price is significant different. If not, you still can use this pdf pricelist as your shopping guide.

If you find a wrong price at here, that maybe because I am late to update the pricelist. I will update as soon as possible, because I have my own offline work.

You can also see my list at some product, that I am sure after the research the price for that items is the lowest. So, you can start your own business with buying and selling that item too.
This blog is a general blog, if you want to get more specific about something you looking for, you can find it at that page, but remember not all item have a specific niche blogs.

If you find this blog is useful and maybe useful for your friend, family or client, you can share this blog by submitting this blog to your social bookmark, social network or maybe by email. And feel free to add my blog to your blogroll if you think this blog is useful.

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